Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Breathe....Just Breathe

Some days require more concentration on others

Remembering to breathe...sounds simple right, but seriously remembering to breathe. 

Everything in life is temporary, that is true for the good and the bad, but if I can just remember to pause and take a deep breath it helps.

It also helps to remember that I have survived the "unsurvivable"....for more than four years I get up every morning, get dressed, care for our son and ensure he thrives, go to work and come home exhausted and do it again.   It has taken a lot of time, but there in that breathing I have learned to look for joy, and learned to be present in the current moment.

Watching a sunset, listening to birds chirp, listening to my son giggle and laugh.  These things wait for no one and it take us being able to be present and pay attention to find the joy.  These simple joys have no knowledge of the past or any tragedy that has befallen our lives--they are there simply to have us be present and enjoy them in their fleeting beauty.

I go to bed everynight alone, and I wake up alone....and somethimes all I can do is remember to breathe....