Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day

What a day.  My mothers day started yesterday actually.  Munchkin and my mom and dad and brother planted flowers in my flower beds.   My sister and her husband gave me a massage certificate.   Munchkin made his uncle take him to pick out flowers for me.  I am a simple girl, flowers and handmade cards are the way to my heart!

Munchkin made me a heart that he wrote I Love you on all by himself. 

Today we started at mass and had a fantastic day.   Dad cooked breakfast, my sister hosted dinner.  In the middle we got a great deal of yard work done.  I am very lucky.  I know that. 

 For YEARS and YEARS I yearned to be a mother.   I used to cry and pray and wish. And it happened, when we least expected it,  it happened. We became parents.  Wholehearted bliss.  I cannot begin to describe the sheer joy that I felt on Mother's Day 2007.  Munchkin was barely two weeks old.  Robert went to the jeweler and got me a necklace with one diamond, and one emerald.  Mine and Munchkin's birthstones.  It was such a special day.  It was the only one with the three of us together.  Robert is the only one who knows exactly what we went through for all of those years.  

I know there are people out there that are not that lucky.  People trying to have kids or grow their family via adoption.  People who have lost children. People that have lost their mothers.   My brother in law lost his mom about a month ago.  He spent the weekend with his dad and sisters.   I know it is hard on him. 

My point is that while I had a blissful day today,   I do know that the occasion can be a bitter pill, I know it was for me for many years.   So today, I snuggled with my growing boy and watched river monsters at the end of the day and I took a deep breath and I thank God for the chance to be a Mother and be able to spend time with my family.   And I hope that all those out there that are feeling things other than joy today find some peace and hope and comfort.