Sunday, September 2, 2012


Yesterday sitting around a pig roast with a ton of my family we were having a great time. Laughter. Fun. Giggling children. It was great.

Music was playing and the the song "My Girl" came in the radio and it hit me. Music is such a powerful memory trigger for me. Always has been. But while I had been enjoying the day with little intrusion of memories into my brain, that quickly came to a halt.

However, I realized something. While my life is getting farther and farther away from "our life"- the memories are my reminders of our great love. They quell my nagging fear that I may forget him. I am very blessed to have a wonderful marriage that is worth remembering and to have been married to a man that truly loved me and cared deeply for me.

So I will take the memories and I willr treasure them as blessings in my heart.