Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Needed Moments

This weekend I had the opportunity to spend some time with a girlfriend and a new friend. We laughed and chatted and talked about our kids and families. Somehow, this person that I have known for years, did not know that I was widowed. She did not know of the horror that I have lived through. Both of these women were awed. I shared my story, what happened, how I made some choices and how I got here.

One of them told me that she had so much respect for me. That she always thought that I was strong and graceful, but now she really knew it. She said there was just something so kind about my demeanor that she had always been drawn to. I was floored by the compliment!

The other woman, told me, that she thought that I had been destined to do this. That I needed to "own" my story and use it to help other people. That she truly believed that we all have gifts and things to share and that our lives are entwined for a reason. She spoke of some things in her life and shared that God had a plan for me. I was humbled by this interaction.

Now, I have believed that since the accident. There had to be a lesson for me hidden in this tragedy. I know that there was a reason for me to survive, a reason for this whole experience, I found that by holding onto the faith that God has a plan, I can find peace and comfort in that.

As we were talking, one of the women shared a song with me. "Don't Worry Child" by Swedish House Mafia. Now, some of the lyrics are:
Don't worry child, heavens got a plan for you,

I found the song to be mesmerizing. It really spoke to me, to my soul. Here I am, far from home, sitting with two women who are sharing with me exactly what God needed me to know in my soul.

This was such a nice afternoon and an affirmation of the fact that there is a greater plan. God gives us people and experiences that we need to show us we are on the right path. Sometimes, we are just given just what we need to hear!