Monday, January 6, 2014


It is FRIGID here.  I mean really, really cold.  Setting record lows for the thermometer before we even talk about the wind chill. 

Yes, I know it is winter in the Midwest.   And yes, I actually like winter. 

What I haven't liked for the last several years is the necessity of taking my kiddo out in the cold to daycare or somewhere and then having to go into work. 

Well, now, I can sit at my desk in my office and Munchkin can play in the toy room in his jammies.  We are relatively toasty and we don't have to subject his lungs to the frigid air! 

School has been cancelled for two days which means an extended Christmas Vacation.  It also means that I didn't have to take him out to have someone else watch him.  In fact, I am not sure he has been out of jammies in a few days...he has a strange aversion to socks but likes footie jammies--therefore I know he is nice and toasty warm. 

Our heat is BARELY keeping the house tolerable...the thermometer read -17 today and the windchill was -47.  Yes I meant to post negative numbers.   Can you imagine taking a child outside in those temps? Previously I would not have had a choice.  If I was still at my old job today, I would not have had a choice-they didn't close even though the state of Illinois was declared a disaster area.  

I cannot explain the gratitude that I have for our circumstances.  

I really thought that I would never be so fortunate.  I am grateful.