Monday, March 25, 2013


The other day, I had the privelege of volunteering in Munchkin's classroom.  It is a lot of fun for both of us.  The result is that I get a day off of work, and we have more then 15 minutes to get in the door and get dinner on the table. 

We decided to play in our yard.  It was glorious.  Munchkin started by riding his bike and scooter, while I busied myself with pulling out his outdoor sports toys and putting them into an easy to access corner of the garage. 

I pulled out his bat and ball and he came running!  I put out the tee and he started hitting.  Graduated quickly to me pitching to him.

It hit me, we were playing baseball in our own backyard.  Spending time together just playing.  Baseball is my all time favorite sport to play.   I pitched, he hit, I caught the ball.   I worked with him just  a little bit on his stance and with a few minor adjustments of his feet, he was hitting like a champ!

All was fun and games, until I explained to him that every time I caught the ball on a fly, that he was actually "out" instead of hitting a home run.  I know, I know, silly mommy, actually trying to explain to the boy the way the world really works. 

He told me-"Mommy, just don't catch it!" to which I replied, "well, hit it harder and away from me!"  Essentially, trying to teach him that if you want to get better at somehting, you need to do better.  While showing up is important, it isn't everything!  We need to actually put forth effort to excel!

You know, those same lessons that my father taught me while playing baseball and catch in our yard!