Saturday, March 9, 2013


This week, two separate people whom I have met in the last five years took the time to call me up and just say hello.   Neither of these people ever knew Robert or the "old" me.  They have only known me AFTER the accident. 

One called to say-"Hey I can't imagine, but I am figuring March is a rough month for you, just wanted to let you know I was thinking about you!"

I am so grateful to call her a friend.  She is so sweet and sincere and I am happy to know her.

Another one sent me a text "He I was thinking about you, and I wanted you to know that even though I never met Robert, I am sure he was a wonderful person"

Again, a true and sincere woman whom I am happy to claim as a friend.

I guess maybe now 5 years later, I have come out of my soul crushing sadness enough to let my love shine so much that people who never met Robert are willing to reach out to me with encouragement and friendship. 

I am feeling very very blessed for that-especially since for the longest time, I could not see the light  at the end of the tunnel and I was pretty much convinced that I would never have another joyful moment.  

I am very blessed to have some lifelong friends who have stuck by my side, in thick and thin as well as some new friends who are showing me that it is OKAY to let people into our lives.