Sunday, January 27, 2013

Love of Cooking...

Since I have been in our new house, I have realized how much I have missed and enjoyed cooking.  Literally, this weekend I have made: roast turkey, turkey soup, pumpkin bread, peanut butter cookies and I will probably make some muffins to freeze for breakfasts still tonight. 

While I am excited that I have an awesome kitchen to whip up yummy and fun stuff, it makes me remember the delineation of duties in our marriage.   He stayed out of my kitchen, and I stayed out of his garage.  Not that either of us were not capable of being in the spaces, just that they were clearly ours respectively.  There was many occasion that I worked late and came home to a great dinner and clean kitchen...he was multitalented like that.

There were things in our marriage that were "not my job" in a playful way.  I never had to worry about the condition of the cars, the maintenance of them, household repairs, changing things for seasons (pulling in hoses, putting away yard stuff)  He never had to worry about baking fresh bread, cleaning the bathrooms, or dusting the baseboards.  I took pride in our house and so did he.  We were a team and together we had everything covered. 

I realized just how much I have avoided doing things like cooking while we lived in an apartment.  I honestly had no space to do it.  TRUST ME! Not only did I not have space, I am not sure that I was really ready for the flood of reminders that it has brought.

I love to cook, I love to bake.  I like to create things and make stuff.  I enjoy teaching munchkin how to measure and cook and I am hoping that when he is old enough to be married he will know his way around enough to be able to cook and clean up a meal and his wife will be grateful.  But I also want munchkin to be able to do the "other stuff" around a house, simple repairs, cleaning gutters, figuring things out.  You know the things that Robert would be doing and teaching him if he were here.   For now, I will have to have faith that my brothers will be able to teach him the "other things" he needs to know.  

Now I know that I have proven to myself that I can handle things and in the grand big picture I am sure that I do just fine...however, sometimes it is just the little things that settle that ache right back into your heart.